An Online Dictionary Of Slangs

Internet slang speaks of a variety of slang languages used by different people on the Internet world nowadays. Acronym on the other hand is the short-form of an abbreviation which itself becomes a new word such as “LOL” or in the technical scheme of things, NASA. Abbreviations are simply short-forms of the whole word. The first letter of each word in the phrase combines to form an abbreviation. One could exemplify it with an OMG! “Oh My God”. Internet slangs have become a rage nowadays. Every other person seems to be talking in terms of slang rather than talking in English. Or else, English is the new slang.

Top 10 Recent Searches

J2LUKJust To Let You Know
F2FFace To Face
AGTAmerica's Got Talent (TV show)
ABGAsian Baby Girl
ACAir Conditioning
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LOADEDDrunk, intoxicated