An Online Dictionary For Internet Slangs

An Online Dictionary Of Internet Slangs

Internet slang is slang that have been developed and used by users of the Internet. Many of these terms originated for saving keystrokes and are often written in lower case. Internet slang is, by its nature, difficult to interpret, especially in chatrooms or on instant messaging, because much of it is quickly input, and many assume, falsely, their audience knows their body language. For instance; a LOL may be taken as genuine laughter or sarcasm, or as "whatever, stay away from me." So, for the sake of accurate and easily understandable communication, it is best to be as explicit as possible and make an effort to get your point across. Emotions such as :) can also be used to clarify emotional intent in internet messages. Conversely, they can add to the confusion, for example the :-P emotion which can indicate both (positive) joking and (negative) sarcasm; or simply when used in excess.

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:-D == Laughing

A&E == Accident and Emergency ( department of hospital )

BISCUIT == Attractive Person

CRUSH == INfatuation , Attraction

LOP == Stupid person

MTV == Music Television

SIM == Subscriber Identity Module

TATO == Alright , Okey

VEG == Sit Around And Do Nothing

ZZZ == Sleepy , Bored and Tired

YUTE == Youth

WWU == Where Were You ?

TNX == thanks

LUX == Luxury

KEWT == cute

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