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What does BRB mean?

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What is BRB ?

BRB is Be Right Back.

BRB Definition / BRB Means
The definition of BRB is Be Right Back.

The Meaning of BRB
BRB means Be Right Back.
So now you know - BRB means Be Right Back - OH Please don't thanks us. YW!.

What does BRB mean? BRB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the VBD definition is given.

Other terms relating to Be:

#1Number one
*HUG*A Cyberhug
112European emergency number
211Police code for robbery
22A .22 caliber handgun
2BTo Be
2BHTo Be Honest
2G2BTToo Good To Be True
5 HOLEGap between goalie's legs in hockey
5EVERBecause Forever Isn't Long Enough
666The Number of the Beast
73Best regards (Amateur Radio)
911US emergency number
999UK emergency number
AABAverage At Best
ABDAlready Been Done
ABDCAmerica's Best Dance Crew (TV show)
ABPAlready Been Posted
ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union
ADSLAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADTRA Day To Remember (band)
AFAIRAs Far As I Remember
AISBAs I Said Before
ALFAnimal Liberation Front
ALIBest Friend
ALLOWLet it be, forget it
AMAnte Meridiem (before midday)
ANFAbercrombie & Fitch
ASBOAnti Social Behaviour Order
ASDFGHJKL;'When A Feeling Cannot Be Expressed In Words
ATBAll The Best
ATVBAll The Very Best
AYBABTUAll Your Base Are Belong To Us
AYBRB2UAll Your Base Are Belong To Us
B&BBed & Breakfast
B4UBefore you
B4YKIBefore You Know It
BAFOBest And Final Offer
BAMBelow Average Mentality
BANGINGVery beautiful, sexy
BAOBe Aware Of
BBAMBe Back After Meal
BBBBugging Beyond Belief
BBBWBig Beautiful Black Woman
BBFLBest Buds For Life
BBGBest Be Going
BBIABBe Back In A Bit
BBIAFBe Back In A Few
BBIAMBe Back In A Minute
BBIASBe Back In A Sec
BBIAWBe Back In A While
BBKBoy Better Know
BBLBe Back Later
BBMBlackberry Messaging
BBMLBe Back Much Later
BBNBe Back Never
BBOBeing Bored Online
BBSBe Back Soon
BBTBe Back Tomorrow
BBVBrags Beats and Variance (poker)
BBWBig Beautiful Woman
BBWLBe Back Way Later
BCBefore Christ
BCDBehind Closed Doors
BCEBefore Common Era (like BC)
BCFBest Cousin Forever
BCNUBe Seeing You
BDOMLBest Day Of My Life
BEASTLYBeing good at something, cool
BEFBest Enemies Forever
BELLIGBelligerant (when drunk)
BERBeyond Economical Repair
BESTBest Regards
BESTIEBest Friend
BESTYBest Friend
BF4LBest Friends For Life
BFABest Friends Always
BFBBetter From Behind
BFFBest Friends Forever
BFF4LBest Friend Forever For Life
BFFAEBest Friends Forever And Ever
BFFEBest Friends Forever
BFFLBest Friend For Life
BFFLEBest Friends For Like Ever
BFFLTDDUPBest Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part
BFFNBest Friend For Now
BFFWBBest Friend Forever With Benefits
BFITWBest Friend In The World
BFUTBest Friends Until Tomorrow
BFWBBest Friend With Benefits
BGFBest Girl/Guy Friend
BHBe Happy
BHL8Be Home Late
BHSBe Home Soon
BICBelieve It Comrade
BICBWBut I Could Be Wrong
BIEHBest I Ever Had
BIFFBest Friend, BFF
BIFFLBest Internet Friend For Life
BILYBecause I Love You
BIONBelieve It Or Not
BISBest In Slot
BISSBecause I Said So
BITWBest In The World
BKABetter Known As
BLNTBetter Luck Next Time
BLOODGang member
BLTNBetter Late Than Never
BM4LBest Mates For Life
BMBBebo Me Back
BMFEBest Mates Forever
BMFLBest Mates For Life
BMGBe My Guest
BMTBefore My Time
BMTTVEBest Mates 'Til The Very End
BMUSBeam me up, Scotty
BMVBe My Valentine
BNBBad News Bears
BODBeginning Of Day
BOGARTTo Hold Onto Something For Oneself When It Is Supposed To Be Shared
BOLBest Of Luck
BOLOBe On The Lookout
BOLTOPBetter On Lips Than On Paper
BOONSomeone who has been a NOOB for ages
BOOZEAlcoholic beverages
BPMBeats Per Minute
BQBe Quiet
BRBest Regards
BRBBe Right Back
BRGDSBest Regards
BRHBe Right Here
BRTBe Right There
BSERBack Stabber
BSTSBetter Safe Than Sorry
BTAIMBe That As It May
BTBAMBetween The Buried And Me (band)
BTDTBeen There Done That
BTDTGTTSBeen There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
BTEBest Time Ever
BTHOBeat The Hell Outta
BTHOMBeats The Hell Outta Me!
BTLBetween The Lines
BTMBe There Moment
BTNBetter Than Nothing
BTOBSBe There Or Be Square
BTSBe There Soon
BU2MBeen Up To Much?
BURMABe Upstairs Ready My Angel
BVBad Vibe
BWBeautiful Woman
BYAMBetween You And Me
BYKIBefore You Know It
BYPBeg Your Pardon
BYTMBetter You Than Me
CAACCool As A Cucumber
CALCyberathlete Amateur League (gaming)
CAN DOIt will be done
CBBCan't Be Bothered
CBHChild Bearing Hips
CBRCaptive Bead Ring (body piercing)
CBSCan't Be Stuffed
CBTCognitive Behavioural Therapy
CHUNDERBe sick, vomit
COPYPASTAPost that has been copied and pasted
CPLCyberathlete Professional League (gaming)
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CYBICan You Believe It?
DA BOMBExcellent, the best
DBDDon't Be Dumb
DBEYRDon't Believe Everything You Read
DBFDat Be Fair
DBJDon't Be Jealous
DBLDon't Be Late
DBRDamaged Beyond Repair
DBSDon't Be Stupid
DFTBADon't Forget To Be Awesome
DIGITSTelephone number
DISSINGBeing disrespectful
DLTBBBDon't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DWBHDon't Worry, Be Happy
EBCAKError Between Chair And Keyboard
EBTElectronic Benefits Transfer
EWBAEverything Will Be Alright
FAMOFriend, dude, family member etc
FBTWFine, Be That Way
FLURGEUrge To Be Flaccid
FMOFor Members Only
FNBFootball And Beer
FOFOFourty Four caliber gun
FOOPAFat in belly area
FREEBSDFree Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix like OS)
FTTBFor The Time Being
FUBARFouled Up Beyond All Recognition
FUBBFouled Up Beyond Belief
FUBUFouled Up Beyond Use
G2BGo To Bed
G2G2BGot To Go To Bed
G3GOne better than G2G
GBWYGod Be With You
GGGGood, Giving, and Game (in bed)
GMBHGesellschaft mit Beschr
GNSTDLTBBBGood Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
GR9Better than GR8
GTBGo To Bed
GTBBGood To Be Back
GTBOSHGlad To Be Of Some Help
GVGood Vibes
HASHTAGLabel on Twitter to aid searching
HTBTHad To Be There
HWSNBNHe Who Shall Not Be Named
HYBHow You Been?
HYFBHope You Feel Better
IB2DI Beg To Differ
IB4TLIn Before The Lock
IBANInternational Bank Account Number
IBBI'll Be Back
IBKIdiot Behind Keyboard
IBLIn Before Lock
IBMTSI've Been Meaning To Say
IBTDIn Before The Delete
IBTLIn Before the Lock
IBWI'll Be Waiting
IBYPI Beg Your Pardon
ICBI Can't Believe...
ICBBI Can't Be Bothered
ICBII Can't Believe It
ICBINBI Can't Believe It's Not Butter
ICBSSTI Can't Believe She Said That
ICBWIt Could Be Worse
ICRI Can't Remember
IDBII Don't Believe It
IDBYI Don't Believe You
IDRI Don't Remember
IIRCIf I Remember Correctly
ILDIch Liebe Dich (I Love You)
INB4In Before (already mentioned)
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
ISSNInternational Standard Serial Number
IWBBI Will Be Back
IYBTYBAIf You Believe That, You'll Believe Anything
JBHJust Being Honest
JBUJust Between Us
JBYJust Be Yourself
JUNGLE FEVERAttraction between people of different race
K1The best, awesome
KEYGENSoftware serial number generator
LBCLong Beach, California
LBHLet's Be Honest
LBRLoser Beyond Repair
LBWLeg Before Wicket (cricket)
LGFBLooks Good From Behind
LJBFLet's Just Be Friends
LLLLoony Liberal Left
LOMBLying On My Bed
LSHMBHLaughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
MBFMy Best Friend
MBNMust Be Nice
MBOMust Be Off
MDFMedium Density Fiberboard
MEPMember of the European Parliament
MNTMaybe Next Time
MONROEPiercing between nose and upper lip
MTBFMean Time Between Failures (reliability)
MTBMWMay The Best Man Win
MTFBWUMay The Force Be With You
MTFBWYMay The Force Be With You
MTLBWYMay The Lord Be With You
MY FOOTExpression of disbelief
MYCHMaybe You Can Help
NATTYNatural Light beer
NATTY LIGHTNatural Light beer
NBBNever Been Better
NBFNew Best Friend
NBTDNothing Better To Do
NEEKA cross between a Nerd and a Geek
NHTBNever Heard That Before
NO-BRAINERSomething that requires no thought before deciding
NTBCWNot To Be Confused With
NUBSomeone who should know better
OBOOr Best Offer
OBQOh, Be Quiet
OLDFAGLong established member of an online community
OLOYOnly Losers Obey Yolo
OWNBeat, dominate (gaming)
PBPersonal Best
PBPPlease Be Patient
PBQPlease Be Quiet
PBRPabst Blue Ribbon (beer)
PBUHPeace Be Upon Him
PBWUPeace Be With You
PBWYPeace Be With You
PDBAZPlease Don't Be A Zombie
PEBCACProblem Exists Between Chair And Computer
PEBCAKProblem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PEBKACProblem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
PFBPlease Find Below
PFTAn exlamation of disbelief
PHBPointy-Haired Boss (from Dilbert)
PINPersonal Identification Number
PLAPeople's Liberation Army
PLRPrivate Label Rights
PLUMBUMPlumber's crack
PMIGBOMPut Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth!
POTCPirates Of The Carribean
PSBPlease See Below
PSHAWExpression of disbelief, scepticism
PTBPowers That Be
QEDQuod Erat Demonstrandum (it has been proved)
RBTLRead Between The Lines
RDJRobert Downey Jr.
RKBARight to Keep and Bear Arms
RNGRandom Number Generator
ROLLEDRobbed, beaten
S/BShould Be
S/NSerial Number
SHBSuper Hot Babe
SHHBe quiet, shut up
SHUSHShut up, be quiet
SIMSubscriber Identity Module
SIM CARDSubscriber Identity Module for a mobile phone
SNAKESnitch, back stabber
SNIPEBid on eBay just before the auction ends
SPOOFTube used to reduce smoking smells
STBSoon To Be
STBESoon-To-Be Ex
STBXSoon-To-Be Ex
STBYSucks To Be You
SWAMBOShe Who Always Must Be Obeyed
SWMBOShe Who Must Be Obeyed
TBATo Be Announced
TBBHTo Be Brutally Honest
TBCTo Be Continued
TBCHTo Be Completely Honest
TBDTo Be Decided
TBETo be Edited
TBFTo Be Fair
TBHTo Be Honest
TBMSTo Be More Specific
TBPHTo Be Perfectly Honest
TBQFTo Be Quite Frank
TBQFHTo Be Quite F***ing Honest
TBQHTo Be Quite Honest
TBRTo Be Real
TBTTruth Be Told
TBTGThanks Be To God
TBTHTo Be Totally Honest
TBTPThat's Beside The Point
TBUTo Be Updated
TBXTo Be Exact
TBYSThink Before You Speak
TCBYThe Country's Best Yogurt
TEXTAn SMS message sent between cell phones
TGTBTToo Good To Be True
THABTOTwo Heads Are Better Than One
TIABTo Infinity And Beyond
TMBGThey Might Be Giants (band)
TNBThere's Nothing Better
TOFUBean curd
TOMBOYGirl who behaves like a boy
TOPPERPerson who always has a better story
TOUCHBeat, kill, rob
TPTBThe Powers That Be
TROLLA deliberately provocative message board user
TROLLINGThe act of being a TROLL
TSBTTruth Should Be Told
TSTBThe Sooner The Better
TTBOMKTo The Best Of My Knowledge
TYBTry Your Best
TYMBIThought You Might Be Interested
UANUniversal Access Number
UB2You Be Too
UB3RUber, very
UBERUltimate, best (German for above)
UG2BKYou've Got To Be Kidding
UINUnique Identification Number
UMBJYou Must Be Joking
UNTZSound of a pulsing beat
VINVehicle Identification Number
VVVRefering to comment below
WANNABESomeone who wants to be what they are not
WBBWill Be Back
WBMWanna-Be Moderator
WBNWould Be Nice
WBRWith Best Regards
WBTWill Be There
WCGWorld Cyber Games
WDMBWill Do My Best
WHALEPunch, beat
WHYBWhere Have You Been?
WIBNIWouldn't It Be Nice If
WIGGERWhite person pretending to be black
WMYBWhat Makes You Beautiful
WNDITWBWe Never Did It This Way Before
WNOHGBWhere No One Has Gone Before
WTBSWith That Being Said
WUBUWhat You Been Up to?
WUBU2What Have You Been Up To?
WWTBAMWho Wants To Be A Millionaire?
WYATBWish You All The Best
WYBDWhat've You Been Doing?
WYBMVWill You Be My Valentine?
YARDIEJamaican (gang member)
YATBYou Are The Best
YBSYou'll Be Sorry
YBTJYou Be The Judge
YBWYou've Been Warned
YBWMYou Belong With Me
YGTBKYou've Got To Be Kidding
YGTBKMYou've Got To Be Kidding Me
YHBTYou Have Been Trolled
YHBWYou Have Been Warned
YHTBTYou Had To Be There
YMBJYou Must Be Joking
YTBYou're The Best
YTPYouTube Poop
ZAINBeautiful (Arabic)
ZERGDefeat enemy by outnumbering rather than strategy or skill
ZONGBONG with a Z shaped tube

Other terms relating to Right:

AIGHTAll right
AIKRNAll I know right now
ALOTBSOLAlways Look On The Bright Side Of Life
BRBBe Right Back
BRHBe Right Here
BRTBe Right There
BYTBright Young Thing
CTRNCant Talk Right now
DMCADigital Millennium Copyright Act
DRMDigital Rights Management
DRTDead Right There
DTRTDo The Right Thing
EWBAEverything Will Be Alright
HRCHuman Rights Campaign
I8Aight, aite, alright
IIGHTAlright, OK
IKRI Know, Right
IKTRI Know That's Right
IMSMRIf Memory Serves Me Right
INORITEI Know, Right?
IRIEFeeling good, alright
ITEAlright? (Hello)
IYTAll right
IYTEAll right
JDLRJust Doesn't Look Right
KROKeep Right On
NAIL ITComplete, get right
NQRNot Quite Right
ORITEAlright, hello
PLRPrivate Label Rights
RAWRRight Answer, Wrong Reason
RBAURight Back At You
RBAYRight Back At You
RFTRight First Time
RHDRight Hand Drive
RHSRight Hand Side
RKBARight to Keep and Bear Arms
RNRight Now
ROARRight Of Admission Reserved
ROSRight On Schedule
RWNJRight Wing Nut Job
RYTRight, alright
SHOOKScared, frightened
SWIRSo Wrong, It's Right
TATOAlright, OK
WAYDRNWhat Are You Doing Right Now?
WEPAAll right, cool, yeah!
WONKYWeird, not right
WTTIRWhen The Time Is Right
YGTRYou Got That Right
YITEAre You All Right?
YRYea, Right.
YROYour Rights Online

Other terms relating to Back:

B2BBack To Back
B2WBack To Work
BACBack At Computer
BAKBack At Keyboard
BBAMBe Back After Meal
BBIABBe Back In A Bit
BBIAFBe Back In A Few
BBIAMBe Back In A Minute
BBIASBe Back In A Sec
BBIAWBe Back In A While
BBLBe Back Later
BBMLBe Back Much Later
BBNBe Back Never
BBSBe Back Soon
BBTBe Back Tomorrow
BBWLBe Back Way Later
BGMBackground Music
BIABBack In A Bit
BITDBack In The Day
BMBBebo Me Back
BOTBack On Topic
BOTNBack Of The Net
BOTTSBack On To The Subject
BRBBe Right Back
BSBBackstreet Boys
BSERBack Stabber
BTKBack To Keyboard
BTTFBack To The Future
BTTTBack To The Top
BTYBack To You
CMBCall Me Back
DLBDon't Look Back
DTBDon't Text Back
ESBEmpire Stikes Back (Star Wars)
FLBPFuture Lower Back Problems
GBTMGet Back To Me
GBTWGet Back To Work
GOMBGet Off My Back
GTBBGood To Be Back
GTIHigh performance hatchback (eg VW Golf)
HBHug Back
HMBHit Me Back (reply)
IBI'm Back
IBBI'll Be Back
IGYBI've Got Your Back
IWBBI Will Be Back
JGBJust Got Back
KTBSPAKeep The Backstreet Pride Alive
NBTWNow Back To Work
NCBNever Coming Back
NHBNo Holding Back
NIMBYNot In My Back Yard
NOOPSBackward spoon
PEERSPeople in the same group, equals in age, background etc
QBQuarter Back
RBAURight Back At You
RBAYRight Back At You
SNAKESnitch, back stabber
TBText Back
TMBText Me Back
WBWelcome Back
WBBWill Be Back
WBSWrite Back Soon
WCBWill Call Back
WEBAWelcome Back
WYBWatch Your Back

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