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What does NMU mean?

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What is NMU ?

NMU is Not Much, You?.

NMU Definition / NMU Means
The definition of NMU is Not Much, You?.

The Meaning of NMU
NMU means Not Much, You?.
So now you know - NMU means Not Much, You? - OH Please don't thanks us. YW!.

What does NMU mean? NMU is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the VBD definition is given.

Other terms relating to Not:

-8Musical note (MSN)
:|Disgust, disapproval, not funny
<>Not equal
<2Not quite love (<3)
@_@Hypnotized, dazed
~Denotes Sarcasm
=/=Not equal to
404Page not found error
42214ever 2gether 2love 1another
A/NAuthor's Note
AATAnd Another Thing
ADADAnother Day Another Dollar
AINECAnd It's Not Even Close
AINTAm not/are not/is not
AIN'TAm not/are not/is not
ANAuthor's Note
AONAll Or Nothing
ASDFGHJKL;'When A Feeling Cannot Be Expressed In Words
AUPAnother Useless Post
BDNBusy Doing Nothing
BFAMBrother From Another Mother
BINGBut It's Not Google
BIONBelieve It Or Not
BLAHNothing to say
BNIBatteries Not Included
BNRBut Not Really
BOATBust Out Another Thousand
BTNBetter Than Nothing
DAGGYUncool, not trendy, untidy
DINTDid not, didn't
DNDoing Nothing
DNDDo Not Disturb
DNEDo Not Erase
DNFDid Not Finish
DNFTTDo Not Feed The Troll
DNKDo Not Know
DNMDoes Not Matter
DNPDo Not Post
DNRDo Not Resuscitate
DNWDo Not Want
DWISNWIDDo What I Say Not What I Do.
FINOFailure Is Not an Option
GBNFGone But Not Forgotten
GNUGNU's Not Unix, Linux OS
GUFNGrounded Until Further Notice
HEADS UPAdvance notice
HENRYHigh Earner, Not Rich Yet
HJNTIYHe's Just Not That Into You
HWSNBNHe Who Shall Not Be Named
IANADI Am Not A Doctor
IANALI Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion)
ICBINBI Can't Believe It's Not Butter
IDNKI Do Not Know
IGNTSI've Got Nothing To Say
IINMIf I'm Not Mistaken
IKNI Know Not
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion
INBI'm Not Bothered
INRSIt's Not Rocket Science
INSI'm Not Sure
ITNI Think Not
JAFAJust Another F***ing Aucklander
JOCKERSomeone who copies another's style
LBDNLook Busy Doing Nothing
LBNLLast But Not Least
LNFLife's Not Fair
MAGGOTFan of the band Slipknot
MBFAMMy Brother From Another Mother
MSFAMMy Sister From Another Mister
N/CNot Cool
N2BNot Too Bad
N2MNot Too Much
NANot Available
NAANot At All
NABDNot A Big Deal
NACNot A Chance
NAGLNot A Good Look
NALGONot A Lot Going On
NALOPKTNot A Lot Of People Know That.
NAPNot A Problem
NARUNot A Registered User
NATMNot At The Moment
NBNot Bad
NBTNothing But Trouble
NBTDNothing Better To Do
NEDMNot Even Doom Music
NEETNot in Education, Employment or Training
NEGLNot Even Gonna Lie
NEINot Enough Information
NFNot Funny
NFAANot Funny At All
NFSNot For Sale
NFSWNot For Showing Wife
NFYNot Fixed Yet
NGHNot Gonna Happen
NGLNot Gonna Lie
NHFTNot Here For That
NHNNot Here Now
NIMBYNot In My Back Yard
NITMNot In The Mood
NITWNot In That Way
NJNot Joking
NLINot Logged In
NMFNot My Fault
NMJNot My Job
NMJCNot Much Just Chat
NMJCUNot Much, Just Chillin', U?
NMONot My Opinion
NMPNot My Problem
NMRNot My Responsibility
NMSNot My Style
NMTNot My Type
NMUNot Much, You?
NNITONot Necessarily In That Order
NOKNot Okay
NOKDNot Our Kind, Dear
NOPNot Our Problem
NOTTIEUnattractive person, not a HOTTIE
NOTWNot Of This World
NOUTNothing (northern UK)
NQRNot Quite Right
NSAWNot Saying A Word
NSFNot Sufficient Funds
NSFANot Safe For Anyone
NSFLNot Safe For Life
NSFTBCNot Sorry For The Broadcast
NSFVNot Safe for Viewing/Vegetarians/Vegans
NSFWNot Safe For Work
NSMNot So Much
NSNNot So Nice
NTBNot That Bothered
NTBCWNot To Be Confused With
NTDNothing To Do
NTMNot Too Much
NTRNothing To Report
NTSNothing To Say
NTSHNothing To See Here
NTTAWWTNot That There's Anything Wrong With That
NTWNot To Worry
NVNNot Very Nice
NVNGNothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
NWIMNot What I Mean
NWSNot Work Safe - for messages/sites containing adult content
NYBNot Your Business
NYFNot Your Fault
NYKNot Yet Known
NYOBNot Your Own Business
NYPNot Your Problem
NYTNot Your Type
OANOn Another Note
OCNOf Course Not
OMGNAOh My Gosh, Not Again
ONNAOh No, Not Again
ONNTAOh No, Not This Again
OTLTAOne Thing Led To Another
OTNOn That Note
OWOAOne Way Or Another
PICNICProblem In Chair Not In Computer
PIPSEasy, not difficult
RYNRead Your Note
SCNRSorry, Could Not Resist
SFAMSister From Another Mister
SNFSo Not Funny
SNHSarcasm Noted Here
SOOCStraight Out Of Camera (not Photoshopped)
SORNStatutory Off Road Notification
TABOOForbidden, not talked about
TARNot very pure heroin
THICKWell proportioned, not fat or skinny
TINAGThis Is Not A Game
TINALOThis Is Not A Legal Opinion
TINARThis Is Not A Recommendation
TINWISThat Is Not What I Said
TISNFThat is so not fair
TLDNRToo Long; Did Not Read
TMNTouch Me Not
TNBThere's Nothing Better
TNFThat's Not Funny
TNLNTook Nothing Left Nothing
TNOPTotally Not Our Problem
TNOTTake Note Of That
TNSLTook Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)
UNPCNot Politically Correct
VEGSit around and do nothing
WANNABESomeone who wants to be what they are not
WNWhy Not?
WONKYWeird, not right
WTHNWhy The Heck Not?
WYLIONWhether You Like It Or Not
YACCYet Another Compiler-Compiler
YANAYou Are Not Alone
YASNYYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
YNTWhy Not?
YNWYou're Not Welcome
ZILCHNothing, zero

Other terms relating to Much,:

MUCHOMuch, very
NMJCUNot Much, Just Chillin', U?
NMUNot Much, You?

Other terms relating to You?:

CIHYCan I Help You?
DIKUDo I Know You?
DIKYDo I Know You?
HBUHow About You?
HBU?How About You?
HBYHow About You?
HMIHYHow May I Help You?
HOAYHow Old Are You?
HRUHow Are You?
NMUNot Much, You?
RUAre You?
WAUWhat About You?
WAYWhere Are You?
WBUWhat About You?
WBYWhat (A)bout You?
WDYWhy Don't You?
WIUWYWhat Is Up With You?
WIWWYWhat Is Wrong With You?
WNWYWhat's New With You?
WRUWhere Are You?
WTHAYWho The Hell Are You?
WTHIWWYWhat The Hell Is Wrong With You?
WTHRUWho The Hell Are You?
WUWUWhat's Up With You?
WWUWhere Were You?
WWWYWhat's Wrong With You?
WWYWhere Were You?

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