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What does GBU mean?

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What is GBU ?

GBU is God Bless You.

GBU Definition / GBU Means
The definition of GBU is God Bless You.

The Meaning of GBU
GBU means God Bless You.
So now you know - GBU means God Bless You - OH Please don't thanks us. YW!.

What does GBU mean? GBU is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the VBD definition is given.

Other terms relating to God:

AMGAh My God
BTGOGBy The Grace Of God
FGSFor God's Sake
FTLOGFor The Love Of God
GBAGod Bless America
GBUGod Bless You
GBWYGod Be With You
GBYGod Bless You
GCMGGod Calls Me God
GDIGod Damn It
GHMGod Help Me
GOKGod Only Knows
GOWGod of War (Game)
GSTQGod Save The Queen
HOVAJehovah, God
IGWTIn God We Trust
ISTGI Swear To God
JAHGod, Jehovah
MGBYMay God Bless You
MYGGWYMay Your God Go With You
ODGOh Dear God
OFGSOh, For God's Sake
OGIMOh God It's Monday
OGKOnly God Knows
OMGOh My God
OMGDOh My God Dude
OYGOh Your God
PGDAPretty Goddamn Awesome
POMGOh My God (variation)
S2GSwear To God
SMGDHShaking My God Damn Head
SMOGSweet Mother Of God
STGSwear To God
TBTGThanks Be To God
TCGBTake Care, God Bless
TGThank God
TGFGThank God For Google
TGFIThank God For the Internet
TGFLThank God For Life
TGFTThank God For That
TGIThank God It's ...
TGIAThank God I'm Alive
TGIAFThank God It's Almost Friday
TGIFThank God It's Friday
TGIMThank God It's Monday
TGIOThank God It's Over
TGITThank God It's Thursday
TYBGThank You Based God
WALAHII swear to God
WALLAHI swear to God in Arabic
YAHWEHThe name of God in hebrew
YHWHYahweh (Hebrew for God)

Other terms relating to Bless:

BHHBless His/Her Heart
BMLBless My Life
BVMBlessed Virgin Mary
CYBCount Your Blessings
GBAGod Bless America
GBUGod Bless You
GBYGod Bless You
MGBYMay God Bless You
TCGBTake Care, God Bless

Other terms relating to You:

//Love, I love you
<3ULove You
?4UQuestion For You
10QThank you
12341 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you (I Love You)
143I Love You (letters in each word)
14344I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)
1437I Love You Forever
153I Adore You (letters in each word)
2K4UTo Cool For You
2UTo You
2U2To You Too
381I Love You (3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning)
39Thank You
3QThank You
459I Love You (phone digits for ILY)
4UFor You
4YEOFor Your Eyes Only
520I Love You (Chinese)
721Love You (7 letters, 2 words, 1 meaning)
823Thinking Of You
831I Love You (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)
AAWYAnd Also With You
AAYFAs Always, Your Friend
ADEROLDrug that helps you focus
AITYDAnd I Think You Do
AIYCAs If You Care
AOYPAngel on Your Pillow
APYRAs Per Your Request
ARIGATOThank You (Japanese)
ASAYCAs Soon As You Can
ATOYAlways Thinking of you
ATYSAnything You Say
AUSAre You Serious?
AYBAll Your Base
AYBABTUAll Your Base Are Belong To Us
AYBRB2UAll Your Base Are Belong To Us
AYCAt Your Convenience
AYCSAs You Can See
AYECAt Your Earliest Convenience
AYFRAre You For Real?
AYFTAre You Free Today?
AYKAs You Know
AYKMAre You Kidding Me?
AYLAre You Listening?
AYOHey, You
AYORAt Your Own Risk
AYPIAnd Your Point Is?
AYRAre You Ready?
AYSAre You Serious?
AYSOSAre You Stupid Or Something?
AYTAre You There?
AYWAs You Wish
B4UBefore you
B4YKIBefore You Know It
BCNUBe Seeing You
BILYBecause I Love You
BISLYBut I Still Love You
BTWITIAILWUBy The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
BTWITIAILWYBy The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
BTYBack To You
BUTT DIALAccidentally call from a phone in your pocket
BYAMBetween You And Me
BYKIBefore You Know It
BYKTBut You Know That
BYOBring Your Own
BYPBeg Your Pardon
BYTBright Young Thing
BYTMBetter You Than Me
CACHAIDo you understand?
CAPISHDo you understand?
CHAVPoorly educated, vulgar youth
CIHYCan I Help You?
CLWYCan't Live Without You
CMIYCCatch Me If You Can
COCKYThinking too highly of yourself
COUGAROlder woman looking for a younger man
COUGEROlder woman looking for a younger man
COYBCome On You Blues
COYGCome On You Gunners
COYRCome On You Reds
COYSCome On You Spurs
CREEPERSomeone who views your profile but doesn't make contact
CUSee You
CUIABSee You In A Bit
CULSee You Later.
CUL8ERSee You Later
CUL8RSee You Later
CULASee You Later, Alligator
CUOLSee You On Line
CUTSee You Tomorrow
CUWYLCatch Up With You Later
CWTCUCan't Wait To See You
CWTSYCan't Wait To See You
CWUCCall When You Can
CWYLChat With You Later.
CYBCount Your Blessings
CYBICan You Believe It?
CYDICan You Dig It?
CYDMCheck Your Direct Messages
CYECheck Your Email
CYFCross Your Fingers
CYLCatch You Later
CYL8RSee You Later
CYMCheck Your Mail
CYOSee You Online
CYTSee You Tomorrow
DBEYRDon't Believe Everything You Read
DFTSYPDon't Forget To Say Your Prayers
DHYBDon't Hold Your Breath
DIKUDo I Know You?
DIKYDo I Know You?
DIYDo It Yourself
DLTBGYDDon't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
DMYDon't Mess Yourself
DOMOThank you (Japanese)
DPYNDon't Pick Your Nose
DQYDJDon't Quit Your Day Job
DTYTDon't Take Your Time
DUCWICDo You See What I See?
DUCYDo you see why?
DULMDo You Love Me?
DURSDamn, You Are Sexy
DYACDamn You Auto Correct
DYDDon't You Dare
DYELDo You Even Lift?
DYHWIHDo You Hear What I Hear?
DYJDo Your Job
DYJHIWDon't You Just Hate It When...
DYKDid You Know
DYKTDid You Know That?
DYKWIMDo You Know What I Mean?
DYLDo You Like...?
DYLMDo You Love/Like Me?
DYMDo You Mind
DYORDo Your Own Research
DYSDo You See?
DYTDon't You Think?
ENDZArea where you live
FACE PALMSlap forehead with the palm of your hand
FIFYFixed It For You
FMTKFYTFOFor Me To Know, For You To Find Out
FTFYFixed That For You
FWUF****** With You
FYAFor Your Amusement
FYCFor Your Convenience
FYEFor Your Entertainment
FYEOFor Your Eyes Only
FYIFor Your Information
FYKFor Your Knowledge
FYMFree Your Mind
FYPFixed Your Post
FYRFor Your Review
FYTFor Your Time
G4UGood For You
GASSEDHave a high opinion of yourself
GBUGod Bless You
GBWYGod Be With You
GBYGod Bless You
GETCHAGet You, understand
GFUGood For You
GFYGood For You
GIYGoogle It Yourself
GIYFGoogle Is Your Friend
GKYGo Kill Yourself
GLTYGood Luck To You
GMYGood Man Yourself
GOTCHAI got you, I understand
GOUGood On You
GPOYGratuitous Picture Of Yourself
GPOYWGratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday
GROMGrommet, young surfer
GTSYGood To See You
GYCGet Your Coat
GYFSGet Your Facts Straight
GYOGet Your Own
GYTGet Yourself Tested
H2CUSHope To See You Soon
HAYHow Are You
HAYDHow Are You Doing?
HAYTHow Are You Today?
HBTUHappy Birthday To You
HBTYHappy Birthday To You
HBUHow About You?
HBU?How About You?
HBYHow About You?
HDLHab Dich Lieb (I love you in German)
HDUHow Dare You
HDYHow Dare You
HDYDHow Do You Do?
HDYDTHow Did You Do That?
HDYKHow Do/Did You Know?
HFYHere For You
HIMYMHow I Met Your Mother (TV show)
HIT YOU UPCall you later
HJNTIYHe's Just Not That Into You
HMIHYHow May I Help You?
HOAYHow Old Are You?
HOWDYHow Do You Do?
HRUHow Are You?
HTHFYSHope To Hear From You Soon
HTSYSHope To See You Soon
HUCKLEBERRYThe man you're looking for
HWYDHow Was Your Day?
HYBHow You Been?
HYFBHope You Feel Better
HYGHere You Go
HYHHave You Heard
HYSHave Your Say
HYUHit You Up
I<3UI Love You
IAUI Adore You
IAYI Adore You
IBUWUI'm Breaking Up With You
IBYPI Beg Your Pardon
ICAYI Care About You
ICQI Seek You (Instant Messaging Program)
ICSTAYI Can't Stop Thinking About You
ICWUDTI See What You Did There
ICYDKIn Case You Didn't Know
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It
IDBYI Don't Believe You
IDEKYI Don't Even Know You
IDKWYMI Don't Know What You Mean
IDLYI Don't Love/Like You
IGYI Get You
IGYBI've Got Your Back
IH8UI Hate You
IHUI Hate You
IHYI Hate You
IHYDMI Hope You Don't Mind
IHYSMI Hate You So Much
IIFYMIf It Fits Your Macros
IITUWUTMASIf I Tell You Will You Tell Me A Secret?
IITYWIMIWHTKYIf I Tell You What It Means I Will Have to Kill You
IITYWTMWYBMADIf I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me a Drink?
IITYWTMWYKMIf I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?
IITYWYBMADIf I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink
IIWYIf I Were You
IKHYFI Know How You Feel
IKLYI Kinda Like You
IKMTYI Know More Than You
IKWUMI Know What You Mean
IKWYDLSI Know What You Did Last Summer
IKWYLI Know Where You Live
IKWYMI Know What You Mean
IKYI Know You
IKYPI'll Keep You Posted
ILDIch Liebe Dich (I Love You)
ILUI Love You
ILU2I Love You Too
ILUMI Love You More
ILUSMI Love You So Much
ILUTI Love You Too
ILYI Love You
ILY2I Love You Too
ILYAI Love You All
ILYAAFI Love You As A Friend
ILYAMI Love You As a Mate
ILYBI Love You Both
ILYFI'll Love You Forever
ILYGI Love You Guys/Girls
ILYKI'll Let You Know
ILYLI Love You Lots
ILYLASI Love You Like A Sister
ILYLTI Love You Long Time
ILYMI Love You More
ILYSDMI Love You So Damn Much
ILYSMI Love You So Much
ILYSMBI Love You So Much Baby
ILYSMMI Love You So Much More
ILYTI Love You Too
ILYTBI Love You To Bits
ILYVMI Love You Very Much
ILYWAMHI Love You With All My Heart
IMUI Miss You
IMUSMI Miss You So Much
IMYI Miss You
IMYAI Miss You Already
IMYMI Miss You More
IMYSMI Miss You So Much
IMYTI Miss You Too
INCYDKIn Case You Didn't Know
INVUI Envy You
INWLYI Never Wanna Lose You
INYI Need You
IOKIYARIt's Okay If You're A Republican
IOUI Owe You
IOYKIf Only You Knew
IRLYI Really Like You
ISLYI Still Love You
ISTATOYI Saw This And Thought Of You
ISWYDTI See What You Did There
ISWYMI See What You Mean
ITALYI Trust And Love You
ITIAILWYI Think I Am In Love With You
ITIKYI Think I Know You
ITILUI Think I Love You
ITILYI Think I Love You
ITOYI'm Thinking Of You
ITWYMIs That What You Mean?
ITYFI Think You'll Find
ITYLI'll Tell You Later
ITYMI Think You Mean
ITYSI Told You So
IUSSIf You Say So
IWALUI Will Always Love You
IWALYI Will Always Love You
IWUI Want You
IWYI Want You
IYAMIf You Ask Me
IYBTYBAIf You Believe That, You'll Believe Anything
IYDIn Your Dreams
IYDKIf You Didn't Know
IYDMIf You Don't Mind
IYFIn Your Face
IYGMIf You Get Me
IYHIn Your Head
IYKWIMIf You Know What I Mean
IYLIf You're Lucky
IYOIn Your Opinion
IYQI Like You
IYSSIf You Say So
IYSWIMIf You See What I Mean
IYTTIf You Think That
IYWIf You Want/Will
IYWWIf You Were Wondering
J2LUKJust To Let You Know
J2LYKJust To Let You Know
JBYJust Be Yourself
JEETDid you eat?
JFYJust For You
JFYIJust For Your Information
JICYDKJust In Case You Didn't Know
JITYoung gangster
JLUKJust Letting You Know
JLYJesus Loves You
JLYKJust Letting You Know
JSUKJust So You Know
JSYKJust So You Know
JTLUKJust To Let You Know
JTLYKJust To Let You Know
JTMJe t'aime (I love you)
JTOYJust Thinking Of You
JTTYJust To Tell You
JTUSKJust Thought You Should Know
JWTLYKJust Wanted To Let You Know
K3UI Love You (I <3 U)
KHUFKnow How You Feel
KHYFKnow How You Feel
KTYOk, Thank You
KYFCKeep Your Fingers Crossed
KYOKnock Yourself Out
KYPKeep You Posted
KYSKill Yourself
KYSOKnock Yourself Out
LATERSSee you later, goodbye
LATERZSee you later, goodbye
LAULaughing At You
LFDYLive Fast, Die Young
LFTSULook Forward To Seeing You
LHYWLike Hell You Will
LMGTFYLet Me Google That For You
LOYOLLive Out Your Own Life
LQTYLaughing Quietly To Yourself
LTYLaugh To Yourself
LULove You
LUALove You Always
LULABLove You Like A Brother
LULASLove You Like A Sister
LUMILove You, Mean It
LUMULove You Miss You
LUSMLove You So Much
LUWAMHLove You with All My Heart
LWWYLive While We're Young
LYLove You
LY2Love You Too
LY4ELove You Forever
LYALove You Always
LYAAFLove You As A Friend
LYBLove You, Bye
LYFLove You Forever
LYKLet you know
LYLLove You Lots
LYLABLove You Like A Brother
LYLAFLove You Like A Friend
LYLASLove You Like A Sister
LYLCLove You Like Crazy
LYLMBLove You Like My Brother
LYLTLove You Long Time
LYMLove You More
LYMILove You, Mean It
LYMYLove You, Miss You
LYMYWYLove You, Miss You, Want You
LYRLove You Really
LYSMLove You So Much
LYTLove You Too
LYTDLove You To Death
MAWOYMay Angels Watch Over You
MERPMeaningless word for when you don't know what else to say
MGBYMay God Bless You
MHBFYMy Heart Bleeds For You
MHOTYMy Hat's Off To You
MLYPMuch Like Your Post
MOTWYWMake Of That What You Will
MTFBWUMay The Force Be With You
MTFBWYMay The Force Be With You
MTLBWYMay The Lord Be With You
MTUKMore Than You Know
MTYKMore Than You Know
MULUMiss You, Love You
MUSMMiss You So Much
MUVMMiss You Very Much
MYMiss You
MYBMind Your Business
MYCHMaybe You Can Help
MYFMiss Your Face
MYGGWYMay Your God Go With You
MYLMiss You Loads
MYMPMake Your Mama Proud
MYOBMind Your Own Business
MYODBMind Your Own Damn Business
MYSMMiss You So Much
MYTMeet You There
N2MUNice To Meet You
NAHMEANYou know what I mean
NAMEANDo you know what I mean?
NLYGNever Let You Go
NMUNot Much, You?
NMYNice Meeting You
NOLYNo One Likes You
NONYANone of Your (business)
NOUNo, You
NOYBNone Of Your Business
NOYDBNone Of Your Damn Business
NTMUNice To Meet You
NTMYNice To Meet You
NTYNo Thank You
NUNYANone of Your (business)
NWLYNever Wanna Lose You
NYBNot Your Business
NYFNot Your Fault
NYOBNot Your Own Business
NYPNot Your Problem
NYTNot Your Type
ONUDOh No You Didn't
ONYDOh No You Didn't
OOYLOut Of Your League
OOYMOut Of Your Mind
OTYOver To You
OYBOn Your Bike
OYGOh Your God
OYOOn Your Own
PAYEPay As You Earn
PAYGPay As You Go
PBWUPeace Be With You
PBWYPeace Be With You
PMYMHMMFSWGADPardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
POCKET DIALAccidentally make a call with the phone in your pocket
PUMAWoman who dates younger men
PYPPlay Your Position
PYTPretty Young Thing
QThank You
Q4UQuestion For You
QQ4UQuick Question For You
RBAURight Back At You
RBAYRight Back At You
RFYLRun For Your Life
RHINOOlder man looking for a younger woman
RIYLRecommended If You Like
ROYRelative of yours?
RTHXThank you for the Retweet
RUAre You?
RUAAre You Alone?
RUKMAre You Kidding Me?
RUSAre You Serious?
RUTAre You There
RWYSReap What You Sow
RYCRegarding Your Comment
RYNRead Your Note
RYORoll Your Own
S2USame To You
SAVVYDo you understand?
SELFIEPicture of yourself, usually taken by yourself
SHAWTYYoung girl/woman
SHMILYSee How Much I Love You
SLYStill Love You
SMIDSYSorry Mate, I Didn't See You
SMIZESmile with your eyes
SNYKSo Now You Know
SOYShame On You
SOYWSomething On Your Wall
SPOILERSomething you would've prefered to find out yourself
STBYSucks To Be You
STYSame To You
STYLSpeak To You Later
SULSee You Later
SWIYSomeone Who Isn't You
SWYDSleep When You're Dead
SWYPSo What's Your Point?
SYSincerely Yours
SYASee You
SYFShut Your Face
SYGShut Your Gob
SYIHSee You In Hell
SYITMSee You In The Morning
SYKSo You Know
SYLSee You Later
SYLASee You Later Alligator
SYMShut Your Mouth
SYNTSee You Next Time
SYOTOSSee You On The Other Side
SYRSSee You Real Soon
SYTSee You Tomorrow
SYTYCDSo You Think You Can Dance
SYWISYSee You When I See You
T2ULTalk To You Later
T2YLTalk To You Later
TAThank you
TAYThinking About You
TBFUToo Bad For You
TBYSThink Before You Speak
TCOYTake Care Of Yourself
TE AMOI love you (Spanish)
TFM2KAU2FOThat's For Me to Know And You To Find Out
THANQThank You
THWUTo Hell With You
TI AMOI Love You (Italian)
TKMTe Quiero Mucho (Spanish for I love you)
TLYKTo Let You Know
TOOTLESSee you later, goodbye
TOYThinking Of You
TQThank You
TQMTe Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot)
TROUTOlder man looking for a younger woman
TT_TTTell You The Truth
TTTTYTime To Talk To You
TTULTalk To You Later
TTUSTalk To You Soon.
TTUTTalk To You Tomorrow
TTUTTTo Tell You the Truth
TTYTalk To You
TTYFTalk To You Forever
TTYIABTalk To You In A Bit
TTYITMTalk To You In The Morning
TTYLTalk To You Later
TTYMTalk to You Ma
TTYNTalk To You Never
TTYRSTalk To You Real Soon
TTYSTalk To You Soon
TTYTTalk To You Tomorrow
TTYTTTo Tell You The Truth
TTYVSTalk To You Very Soon
TULTell You Later
TUVMThank You Very Much
TWITTER JAILHaving reached your tweeting limit
TWYLTalk With You Later
TWYMSThat's What Your Mom Said
TYThank You
TYBTry Your Best
TYBGThank You Based God
TYFAYSThank You For All Your Support
TYFEThank You For Everything
TYFYTThank You For Your Time
TYGThere You Go
TYJThank You Jesus
TYLText You Later
TYLJThank You Lord Jesus
TYMThank You Much
TYMBIThought You Might Be Interested
TYSThank You Sir
TYSMThank You So Much
TYSVMThank You So Very Much
TYTTake Your Time
TYVMThank You Very Much
U.O.E.N.OYou Don't Even Know
U2You Too
U2UUp To You
UA4IYou Asked For It
UAKYou Already Know
UARKYou Already Know
UB2You Be Too
UDKYou Don't Know
UDWKYou Don't Wanna Know
UG2BKYou've Got To Be Kidding
UKAre You OK?
UKTYou Know That
UKWIMYou Know What I Mean
UKWURYou Know Who You Are
ULMYou Love me
UMADAre You Mad?
UMBJYou Must Be Joking
UMMLYou Make Me Laugh
UMTWTMYou Mean The World To Me
UNOYou know
UOENOYou Don't Even Know
URAYou Are A ...
URAQTYou Are A Cutie
URMYou Are Mad
URWYou Are Welcome
URYYFMYou Are Too Wise (two y's) For Me
UWYou're Welcome
UYUp Yours
WAUWhat About You?
WAUDWhat Are You Doing?
WAYWhere Are You?
WAYDWhat Are You Doing
WAYDRNWhat Are You Doing Right Now?
WAYLTWhat Are You Listening To?
WAYOAWhat Are You On About?
WAYTAWhat Are You Talking About
WAYWOWhat Are You Working On?
WBUWhat About You?
WBYWhat (A)bout You?
WCYDWhat Can You Do?
WDUDWhat Do You Do?
WDUMWhat Do You Mean?
WDUTWhat Do You Think?
WDYWhy Don't You?
WDYDWhat Did You Do?
WDYDTWhy Did You Do That?
WDYEWhat Did You Expect?
WDYGWhere Did You Go?
WDYMWhat Do You Mean?
WDYMBTWhat Do You Mean By That?
WDYSWhat Did You Say?
WDYTWhat Do You Think?
WDYWWhat Do You Want?
WDYWFMWhat Do You Want From Me?
WDYWTWhat Did You Wear Today?
WDYWTTAWhat Do You Want To Talk About?
WELCYou're Welcome
WFYBWhatever Floats Your Boat
WHATCHAWhat are/do you ...
WHYBWhere Have You Been?
WHYDWhat Have You Done?
WING MANPerson who looks out for you
WIUWYWhat Is Up With You?
WIWWUWish I Was With You
WIWWYWhat Is Wrong With You?
WIYPWhat Is Your Problem?
WKYPWill Keep You Posted
WLYBWho Loves You Baby
WLYKWill Let You Know
WMJWat maak jy? (Afrikaans - what are you doing?)
WMYBWhat Makes You Beautiful
WNWYWhat's New With You?
WORDSResponse to something you don't care about
WOTCHERWhat are you up to? WU?
WRUWhere Are You?
WRUDWhat Are You Doing?
WRUTAWhat Are You Talking About?
WRYDWhat Are You Doing?
WRYTAWhat Are You Talking About?
WSULWill See You Later
WTHAYWho The Hell Are You?
WTHIWWYWhat The Hell Is Wrong With You?
WTHRUWho The Hell Are You?
WTYWhy, Thank You
WTYOWhatever Turns You On
WUAWhat You At?
WUBUWhat You Been Up to?
WUBU2What Have You Been Up To?
WUCIWUGWhat You See Is What You Get
WUDWhat You Doing?
WUFWhere are you from?
WUGWhat You Got?
WUGOWMWill You Go Out With Me?
WULAWhat're you Looking At?
WULLNPWishing You Long Life And Prosperity
WUU2What are You Up To?
WUUP2What are You Up To?
WUWWhat You Want?
WUWCBWhat do You Want to Chat about?
WUWHWish You Were Here
WUWTAWhat You Wanna Talk About?
WUWTBWhat You Wanna Talk 'Bout?
WUWUWhat's Up With You?
WWUWhere Were You?
WWWYWhat's Wrong With You?
WWYWhere Were You?
WWYDWhat Would You Do?
WWYDTWhy Would You Do That?
WYAWhere You At?
WYATBWish You All The Best
WYBWatch Your Back
WYBDWhat've You Been Doing?
WYBMVWill You Be My Valentine?
WYCMWill You Call Me?
WYDWhat You Doing?
WYDNWhat You Doing Now?
WYFWhat's Your Favorite ...?
WYGWhat You Get
WYGOWMWill You Go Out With Me?
WYKWould You Kindly
WYLWhatever You Like
WYLABOCTGWTRWould You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
WYLASOMWTCWould You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment?
WYLIONWhether You Like It Or Not
WYLSCWTWWould You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?
WYLTWhat You Listening To?
WYMWatch Your Mouth
WYMMWill You Marry Me?
WYNWhat's Your Name?
WYPWhat's Your Problem?
WYRWould You Rather
WYSWhat You Said
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WYTAWhat You Talking About?
WYUTWhat You Up To
WYWWhatever You Want
WYWHWish You Were Here
WYWTAWhat You Wanna Talk About
XYZExamine Your Zipper
YAGBYou Ain't Grizz Baby (COD)
YAKYou Already Know
YAMPYoung tramp
YANAYou Are Not Alone
YANOYou Know
YASNYYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
YATBYou Are The Best
YATKYou Are Too Kind
YATLOMLYou Are The Love Of My Life
YAVWYou Are Very Welcome
YAWYou Are Welcome
YBSYou'll Be Sorry
YBTJYou Be The Judge
YBWYou've Been Warned
YBWMYou Belong With Me
YCYou're Cool/Cute/Crazy
YCMIUYou Couldn't Make It Up
YCMUYou Crack Me Up
YDEKYou Don't Even Know
YDGYou Dig?
YDIYou Deserve It
YDKYou Don't Know
YDMSYou Don't Make Sense
YDMTYou Don't Mean That
YDSYou Don't Say
YDUYou Don't Understand
YDWTKYou Don't Want to Know
YFYour Friend
YFWYour Face When ...
YGYoung Gangster
YGGYou Go Girl
YGIYou Got It
YGLTYou're Gonna Love This
YGMYou Get Me?
YGPMYou've Got Private Message
YGTBKYou've Got To Be Kidding
YGTBKMYou've Got To Be Kidding Me
YGTIYou Get The Idea
YGTRYou Got That Right
YHAYouth Hostel Association
YHBTYou Have Been Trolled
YHBWYou Have Been Warned
YHGASPYou Have Got A Serious Problem
YHLYou Have Lost
YHMYou Have Mail
YHNIYou Have No Idea
YHTBTYou Had To Be There
YINSYou guys, you all
YITBYours In The Bond
YITEAre You All Right?
YJLTGYou Just Lost The Game
YKYou're Kidding
YKHIIYou Know How It Is
YKIMSYou Know It Makes Sense
YKTRYou Know the Rest
YKWYou Know Who
YKWIMYou Know What I Mean
YKWISYou Know What I'm Saying?
YKYLMYou Know You Love Me
YLYoung Lady
YLIYou Love It
YLMYou Love Me?
YLYLYou Laugh You Lose
YMBJYou Must Be Joking
YMCAYoung Mens Christian Association
YMCMBYoung Money Cash Money Billionaires
YMMDYou Made My Day
YMMLYou Make Me Laugh
YMMSYou Make Me Smile
YMMVYour Mileage May Vary
YMWYou're Most Welcome
YNKYou Never Know
YNWYou're Not Welcome
YNWAYou'll Never Walk Alone
YODOYou Only Die Once
YOLFYou Only Live Forever
YOLOYou Only Live Once
YOMBYou Owe Me Big
YOUNSYou guys, you all
YOUSYou, you guys
YOUSEYou (plural)
YOYOYou're On Your Own
YPYour Problem
YPUMisspelling of 'you'
YQI Like You
YQWYou're Quite Welcome
YRGYou Are Good!
YRMVYour Results May Vary
YROYour Rights Online
YRUWhy Are You...?
YSCYour So Cute
YSIYou Stupid Idiot
YSKYou Should Know
YSMTUYou So Made That Up
YSSYou Suck Severely
YSVWYou're So Very Welcome
YSYLYou Snooze, You Loose
YTAre you there?
YT?You Think ?
YTBYou're The Best
YTMYou're The Man
YTMLYou'll Thank Me Later
YTMNDYou're The Man Now, Dog (website)
YTOYou're The One
YTPYouTube Poop
YTTMYou Talk Too Much
YUOMisspelling of 'you'
YUPPIEYoung Urban Professional
YVWYou're Very Welcome
YWYou're Welcome
YWCAYoung Women's Christian Association
YWIMCYour Wish Is My Command
YWSYLSYou Win Some, You Lose Some

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