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What does LIT mean?

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What is LIT ?

LIT is Intoxicated, stoned.

LIT Definition / LIT Means
The definition of LIT is Intoxicated, stoned.

The Meaning of LIT
LIT means Intoxicated, stoned.
So now you know - LIT means Intoxicated, stoned - OH Please don't thanks us. YW!.

What does LIT mean? LIT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the VBD definition is given.

Other terms relating to Intoxicated,:

LITIntoxicated, stoned

Other terms relating to stoned:

BAKEDStoned, Wasted
FADEDHigh, stoned, drunk
LITIntoxicated, stoned
WASTEDDrunk, stoned

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